Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

I know its been a while. Well, dear reader, I have been busy. With  Kid #1, Kid #2, Wrist Surgery, Gut Surgery…and other reasons that sound like plausible excuses to not continue this blog.  However, I am vowing to make more frequent posts starting…now.


On April 17th of this year I had a procedure called a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

Two weeks prior to surgery I was on 100% liquids with the last week all CLEAR liquids.  Surgery happens.  2.5 weeks later I was still HATING this decision.  FOOD and LIQUIDS hurt when you swallowed more than a thimble full.  It was a constant fight against 38 years of practice.  I lost many battles.

Then something happened.  I swallowed instinctively and NOTHING BAD HAPPENED.  I remember thinking, “Oh shit!  I’m about to pop staples and die from some septic gunk coursing through my veins.”  Staples held, nothing bad happened, I lived – and still am.  In fact I’m much better.  See below:

April 17, 2014 – Weight 298 lbs. (45.6 BMI)

June 23, 2014- Weight 224 lbs (34.1 BMI)


A1C on Surgery Date- 6.7 (6.5 + is Diabetic)

A1C on June 16, 2014- 4.6 (5.7 and below is normal)

Post Meal Glucose Level on Surgery Date- 210 mg/dl (DIABETIC is 200 mg/dl  or greater)

Post Meal Glucose Level on June 22, 2014- 99 mg/dl (NORMAL is <140 mg/dl)

Waist Size Pre-Surgery- 46 in.

Waist Size June 6, 2014- 36 in

Shirt Size Pre-Surgery- XXL

Shirt Size June 6, 2014- L

Shoe Size Pre-Surgery- 10 wide

Shoe Size June 6, 2014- 9 med

Addendum:  Additional non-quantifiable changes post surgery:

  • Chicken Nuggets were amazing before.  They now smell like Satan’s dirty underwear.
  • Salmon – Pre-Surgery- yucktastic               Now- an amazing fish
  • Ice Cream is impossible to eat now.  (kinda bummed about that one…not really)
  • Knee/foot pain from tennis – largely gone
  • Existing on less than 1000 calories a day is not as bad as you may think
  • Gatorade is physically easier to drink than water  (I know, that is hard for me to believe too)
  • My libido is more…noticeable.

Any one out there have any comments, recommendations, or accolades to throw my way…Lets read em.  Post in comments.




Progress is being made.






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  1. Wow, congratulations for making it this far, I’ve known others that have done this and it’s not easy, but kids should make you want to be around much longer, which is what will happen now. Hope all else is good, in my experience two kids are better than one, but that’s my limit! See you out there.

  2. Hand to Ear? Can you hear The Collective Sigh of Family Relief???

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