Anyone got any bows, glitter, or pink tutus?

For the Record: I would not have picked this outfit.

The doctor has confirmed it.  We are having a girl.  I will pause now for your applause. (((PAUSE)))

Thank you.

My wife would like to make her official statement  regarding this news:

“PHEW!!! I am glad it is a girl, but a healthy boy would be ok too.  WOO HOO…ITS A GIRL!”

The relief my wife now feels aside, There is one major question that is looming over me and that question is:

“Would I prefer solitary confinement or gen. pop. when I am incarcerated for what ever heinous act I commit on her “boyfriend” at some point in the future.”

I just don’t know the answer to that right now.  It may be too early to decide that.  I suppose that time will tell.  Some other questions that are starting to become apparent are:

  • What is the difference between pink and fuchsia?
  • How close should I follow behind her on her 1st date so that I am not discovered?
  • What is the actual definition of “assault?”
  • Can a father of a daughter every really sleep at night once she turns 13?

These are a “Whitman’s Sampler” of what is bombarding my head as of last Friday.   Seriously, I am  anxious, nervous, and excited to be a Dad.  The gender revelation was not that big of a deal as some (me included) thought it would have been.* Some of the comments from my friends, who all have girls of their own, have passed this wisdom to me:

  • bought a shotgun yet?
  • you are so owned, you don’t even know
  • let the ballet lessons and tutus begin!
  • heard it was a girl-get ready

Ok, maybe it was a big deal!

My Little Pony-Fly? Oh come on!!!!

This adventure started a while ago, now we know what road it is heading down.  It is pink and smells like Brittany Spears’ Perfume.  It is perilous and lined with hygiene products I couldn’t possible begin to understand.  The Jonas Brothers, Twilight, and “sexting” potentially around every corner.

This is definitely going to be a learning experience.


** Don’t get used to this layout.

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  1. My daughter will not wear Brittney Spears perfume!!

  2. You will find you have little choice as to what she wears as she ages. At least, cosmetics that can’t be see wise. Case in point–Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana deodorant. Maybe the baby will be a tomboy and not want any pink, bows, or boys unless they are snake hunting with her.

  3. congratulations you two!

  4. Sandra Day O’Conner
    Madam Curie
    Pearl Buck
    Nancy Pelosi
    Meryl Streep
    Martina Navratalova
    …Get the point?

  5. Hey congrats to you two, and try not to worry about things too much; life will happen, everyone will continue to grow/age/learn, and it’ll be the best thing ever in your life.

    Also, having a girl first is the recommended order (recommended by me that is!)

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