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The most important article I have ever re-posted

I think this is the most important article I have ever re-posted.  It touches on several important topics: patriotism, hate, and religious fervor.  These aspects of life combined with a ever widening chasm between conservatives and liberals spell misery in the coming years for our country.  I am angry and sad that this is happening all over our country.  I felt you, dear readers, should see this.

The New Army of Hate

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If you aren’t guilty then why do this???

By NICOLE WINFIELD, Associated Press Writer Nicole Winfield, Associated Press Writer 23 mins ago

VATICAN CITY – Dragged deeper than ever before into the clerical sex abuse scandal, the Vatican is launching a legal defense that the church hopes will shield the pope from a lawsuit in Kentucky seeking to have him deposed.

In court documents obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press, Vatican lawyers map out a three-pronged strategy — to be formally filed in coming weeks — seeking to dismiss the suit before Benedict XVI can be questioned or secret documents subpoenaed.

Vatican lawyers plan to argue that the pope has immunity as head of state, that American bishops who oversaw abusive priests weren’t employees of the Vatican, and that a 1962 document is not the “smoking gun” that provides proof of a cover up, the documents reveal.

Three men claiming they were abused by priests brought the suit against the Holy See in 2004, accusing Rome of negligence in failing to alert police or the public about priests who molested children in Kentucky.

The preview of the legal defense, provided to the AP by a person familiar with the case, was submitted last month in the U.S. District Court in Louisville. Vatican officials declined to comment.

The case is significant because it’s the first among a handful of cases targeting Rome in the United States to reach the stage of determining whether the victims actually have a claim against the Vatican itself.

Previous cases attempting to implicate the Vatican have failed or are pending at more preliminary stages.

In the Kentucky suit, the men argued that U.S. diocesan bishops were employees of the Holy See, and that Rome was therefore responsible for their alleged wrongdoing in failing to report abuse.

They charged that a 1962 Vatican document mandated that bishops not report sex abuse cases to police. The Vatican has argued that there is nothing in the document that precluded bishops from reporting pedophiles to police.


If you want a barometer on the idiocy of Americans…LOOK AT THIS!

Harris Interactive, a market research firm, conducted a study about what people thought about Pres. Obama. These are the results that come from the Harris Poll that involved 2,320 adults who were surveyed online between March 1 and March 8.

Here’s the percentage breakdown of respondents’ views of President Obama:

  • 40 percent think he is a Socialist 
  • 38 percent say he wants to take away Americans’ right to own guns.
  • 32 percent say he is a Muslim.
  • 29 percent think he wants to turn over the sovereignty of the United States to a one world government.
  • 29 percent think he has done many things that are unconstitutional.
  • 27 percent say he resents America’s heritage.
  • 27 percent say he does what Wall Street and the bankers tell him to do.
  • 25 percent say he was not born in the United States and so is not eligible to be president.
  • 25 percent say he is a domestic enemy that the U.S. Constitutions speaks of.
  • 23 percent say he is a racist.
  • 23 percent say he is anti-American.
  • 23 percent say he wants to use an economic collapse or terrorist attack as an excuse to take dictatorial powers.
  • 20 percent say he is doing many of the things that Hitler did.
  • 14 percent think Obama is the anti-Christ

The findings lend support to a theme touted in John Avlon’s new book “Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe Is Hijacking America.”

“This poll should be a wake-up call to all Americans about the real costs of using fear and hate to pump up hyper-partisanship,” Avlon said after reviewing the findings. “We are playing with dynamite by demonizing our president and dividing our country in the process. Americans need to remember the perspective that Wingnuts always forget – patriotism is more important than partisanship.”

**Interesting side note: According to this poll 7 in 10 Americans in that study admitted they know very little about the Islamic religion.

This is another example that Americans have hard and fast beliefs about shit they know nothing about even when it undermines their own country.  Unreal, completely unreal.

Are you still proud, Mr. Greenwood?

Looking Behind the Healthcare Curtain: Facts v. Myth

Guess what you conservatives, Republicans, er…opponents of the health care overhaul- YOU LOST.  I know it sucks being on a losing team, I have lost a few close ones in my life like the Bush V. Gore election…wait, we didn’t lose that-it was stolen.  I digress.  So, I have some facts gleaned from various sources for you to get some consolation over your new health care system and hopefully dispel some of the propagandamistruths…LIES that those on the right have put out.  No need to thank me. Read the rest of this entry

…and now the latest from Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

SEASIDE HEIGHTS — The mayor was arrested, along with his adult children, outside a nightclub in neighboring Seaside Heights, authorities said.

Mayor Thomas E. Connors was arrested around 7:15 p.m. Saturday, along with Anthony Connors, 23, and Lindsay Connors, 22, outside of Hemingway’s Cafe, according to Seaside Heights police.

Authorities said Anthony Connors was being taken from the bar by staff members when he tried to hit his escorts. Officers stopped the younger Connors and placed him under arrest, police said.

They also said Lindsay Connors began to interfere during her brother’s arrest, striking a police officer on the arm and chest area. She then was arrested, police said.

As the bar’s staff escorted their father outdoors, the mayor, who had a minor injury on his face, saw his children being taken into custody. Police said he then began to intervene on their behalf and also was arrested.

Connors was charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with an arrest. Anthony Connors was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Lindsay Connors was charged with resisting arrest, interfering with an arrest and simple assault.

Details on why the family was being escorted from the restaurant were not available.


By The Star-Ledger Continuous News Desk

March 21, 2010, 10:07PM

Reader Opinion Time!

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NYC: A Summary

I am back in Mississippi now and I keep thinking about last week and everything I experienced for the 1st time.  Times Square, SoHo, NoHo, Brooklyn, Queens, Chealsea Market,  Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown, Harlem, and the millions of people I saw, bumped into, listened to, stared at, and was in awe of.  I honestly didn’t know what to say or how to say anything concerning the experience as a whole because it was simply too much information to post in a traditional blog post.  So this is my solution.  I will present you with this, a summary of my experience in a categorized list form. Read the rest of this entry

Broken Down, Running Red Lights, and Inaudible Speech

Our group decided to purchase a tour to see the WHOLE island.   The ticket sales people in their yellow jackets were everywhere and quite pushy about the “bus tour” We decided on City Sights NY over the Red Line for some reason.  The buses were clean and neatly decorated…no complaints there.  The 1st tour we went on was the “Night Tour.”  It went all over Manhattan over to Brooklyn and back…in theory.  We arrived at the bus stop and after a lengthy delay of 45 minutes and an argument between the staff and a Portuguese family about who was at the start of the line to board the bus, it arrived.  Every one boarded and off we went while the sun was up on the “Night Tour.”  We saw NYC at dusk.  I say “saw” because the speakers on the bus were horrible.  Not the person-the actual loud speakers cracked and went in and out so much that you really couldn’t hear anything the guide was saying.  We were still in awe of the city and its multitude of areas.  On to Brooklyn!  We were going to watch the sun drop and the city lights come on gradually at a location UNDER THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE.  All that happened…we waited, and waited, lights came on, skyline was awesome, Empire State Building had the St. Patty’s green lights on, and every one was taking pictures and having a great time.  Everyone boarded the bus and…nothing.  The bus wouldn’t start.  45 minutes later another bus arrived and they whisked us back to the start to make up for the 1.5 hour (start delay and breakdown) delays.  Because we bought a 3 day pass, we naturally boarded a bus the following day laughing about the previous nights misfortune.  This bus did not break down!  It finished the uptown tour successfully. Now,  Let me tell you what I learned on this tour: The tour guide hates Madonna, Alec Baldwin, Jay Z, Jerry Seinfield, Donald Trump and anyone else he isn’t.  Oh, and he lived in a 2 BEDROOM apartment that over looks central park (I swear he said that 100 times) and fishes in the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir for 4 lb bass with a man who bought his apartment for 25 million dollars.  The tour guide also told us he has been on CNN and Fox News.  Horrible.  So, what do you do when you have two less than perfect tours…TAKE ANOTHER ONE!!! We boarded the Downtown Tour bus with low expectations.  We were completely surprised that this tour guide was smart, funny, engaging and cool.  He looked like MOBY meets HIPSTER and he liked to rhyme.  We loved him and learned a lot about much of downtown including the less than popular spots.  You could tell he loved his city.  HOWEVER, the driver of the bus (NOT THE TOUR GUIDE) ran 5 red lights and chose to stop at NON BUS STOPS and pick up passengers for a bus that is completely full.  The tour guide was not happy and was visibly flustered and angered by the driver as we were frightened by his driving.  Another chance to do good thwarted by poor driving.
The good aspects of this tour service:  Clean buses, one great tour guide, and a means to see the whole city without paying cab rates
The bad aspects of this tour service:  Unreliable transportation, angry and disgruntled guides who like to fish, bad speaker systems, and fumes

This is my Trip Advisor Review to be published in 48 hours.  You get advance viewing!!!

Here is a link to the review.


NYC: Blind Date

Upon final approach to the city the vastness of it was somewhat breathtaking.  As the plane got lower and lower cars, people, and the Hudson Bay became very clear as we hit ground at Laguardia. “So, here I am NYC,” I thought as we taxied to the terminal (No, really check my tweets.)  Cab ride to hotel, room not ready, stowed luggage at hotel, and set out into the city.  Carmine’s was the 1st spot on the list.  Pasta with Vodka Sauce and Country Style Rigatoni were inhaled by the weary travelers…the complementary sour dough bread was a great find there.  A not so great find was the $3.00 a glass iced tea with no free refills.  I guess the south has spoiled me to some expected luxury at a restaurant.  From Carmine’s we sadly exited into the booming St. Patrick’s Day celebration teeming with green clad teens, twenties, and up.  All in some state of happiness and inebriation.  Exactly what a St. Patty’s Day in NYC is supposed to look like times 500.  Antennae with glitter shamrocks, “Kiss Me I’m Irish buttons,” “Mugs not Drugs t-shirts, and 1000 different races pretending to be Irish for one day.  There is something to be said about homogeneity in cause for celebration.  No one cared about the color of the skin, the language being spoken, the non-red hair of the green clad woman next to you-they all were happy about…something.  Maybe the parade?  Maybe the beer?  Maybe the color green?  It really doesn’t matter, Times Square was green and it was great.  As we trudged through the scores of people, we happened upon a “tour bus.”  Being the adventurous lot we are, we bought the “NIGHT TOUR.”  Saw a lot of the city at night.  From Chelsea, to SoHo, The Village, through midtown, and over to Brooklyn.  Thats when it happened, the bus broke.  Yep, right there UNDER THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE, the bus broke.

Brandon kicking the bus' ass.

Wouldn’t crank and it did not seem to want to try.  Being a country mouse, I knew I knew I could crank that diesel with some implement starter (compressed ether).  My wife didn’t have any in her purse, so I couldn’t help us escape.  As the sun sank into the western sky the lights of the city across the river came on.  The Empire State Building’s spire, in honor of St. Patty’s Day, lit up with green lights, the thousands of internal building lights became visible as the silhouette of the city disappeared into the darkness and was replaced with a fluorescent cityscape that  really showed the depth and breadth of this city. Almost an hour later, another bus arrived and loaded us in. They took us back through China Town and rounded us back to our starting point.  It was a fun night, it was a good night and a great one to start the trip.  Hopefully the coming days will be yield good food, good fun, good memories, and a lot of laughs.

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