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Graffiti-the new impressionism.

If you want a social barometer or a heartbeat of the real world around you, look at the graffiti adorning the world around you.  In my humble opinion, Graffiti is hands down the most innovative style of art.  To take an otherwise “blah” environmental space and adorn it to make it more interesting is something that is impressive to me;  Not to mention that this art is all “criminal”  in the nature of its creation and canvas selection.  “I LOVE YOU KAREN” spray painted on an overpass is not exactly what I am talking about here.  As genuine a sentiment as that is, the artistic value is somewhat lost in the stick man type lettering and obvious lack of craft.

If you believe that graffiti isn’t difficult to create, or you think that it isn’t art, or you feel that it is wrong because it used a post office label as its canvas…step back and look at it again and pretend that it isn’t “wrong.”  Do you see the art now?

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