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Who’s ya boy in Slovenia???

Breakdown of Obtuse View readers by country!

United States (US)          423
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Canada (CA)                       12
India (IN)                              6
Germany (DE)                    4
Australia (AU)                   3
Sweden (SE)                       2
New Zealand (NZ)              2
Italy (IT)                               2
Norway (NO)                       2
Mexico (MX)                       2
Austria (AT)                       1
Netherlands (NL)               1
Latvia (LV)                           1
France (FR)                          1
Belgium (BE)                        1
Georgia (GE)                        1
Vietnam (VN)                         1
Sri Lanka (LK)                       1
South Africa (ZA)                1
Nepal (NP)                           1
Lebanon (LB)                      1
Spain (ES)                            1
China (CN)                             1

Afghanistan (AF)               1

Slovenia (SI)                        1


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A letter from Wal-Mart to Target

Wal-Mart expansion (1962-Present)

This started out as a co/op project with a fellow blogger, but for reasons unbeknown to me, that doesn’t look like it is going to happen.  So, without further adieu.  Just in time for Christmas I give you, dear reader, A letter from Wal-Mart to Target.

Dear Target,

First of all let me say that we hope this letter finds you in Jesus’ arms and in the warm healing rays of the Holy Spirit, so help you Sam Walton.  That being said, We are about to fuck you up!  We don’t know who you think you are trying to muscle in on our turf, but We think there are some things you need to know before you get your self in a battle you are ill equipped to handle.   Let us explain to you how unprepared you really are.

First off…Red? You chose red as your trademark color…you idiot, what are you thinking? Were you thinking red was the opposite of Wal-Mart blue?  You fool, everyone knows grey is the opposite of blue.  Not to mention that every one knows we are the reddest company in the world.  With 70% of goods on our shelves coming from China and 32 billion in imports from China alone, We are much redder than you will ever be.  Hey, Want to know a secret?  80% of our suppliers are based in China and many of our “American” companies use Chinese labor to manufacture their products because we won’t buy them to sell to the devout Waltonian’s unless they are manufactured as cheaply as possible by people who we really don’t care anything about.  It is not cool or anything that 100%of your factory inspections are unannounced.  NEWS FLASH:  YOU AREN’T SPECIAL!  How can you possibly hide health code violations, human rights abuses, and unsafe work conditions when the factory managers don’t know inspectors are coming…IDIOTS!  We allow time for the managers to hide infractions and correct things before our “inspectors” arrive.  We only allow 26% of our factories to be “surprise” inspected.  That seemed like a good number.  If I may quote another powerhouse in the retail world, and some one you could take a lesson from “That’s what I call good business.” To hell with a living wage and human rights, I mean really!  If Jesus and Sam wanted you to make more money he and Sam, in their divine holiness would have named you Walton.  We won’t even let our workers unionize and people think we care about human rights?  We provide our managers a “toolbox” that is used to watch for “Union Threats.”  Shit, We don’t even pay our Waltonian workers a wage that is above the “poverty line,” not to mention that we encourage our slaves, er…employees to utilize government health care so we do not have to pay for it.  Something funny, we are largely devout republicans and right wing advocates AND AND AND  we promote welfare to our employees while complaining about a more liberal government.  Chew on that Mr. Conflict of Interest!  Hang on now don’t get your little panties in a wad, We do offer health care, but it would take 20% of the average employee’s check to pay their share every month there by making it unaffordable to most of our slaves, er…employees.  Not to mention that 700,000 slaves, er…employees cant even get coverage under our Health Care Plan.  Beat that Mr. Target!  GOD BLESS AMERICA AND SAM WALTON!  Call it welfare reliance or forced poverty or what ever you lefties want to if you will.  We call it DOLLA DOLLA BILLS YA’LL…I apologize, I didn’t mean to quote a minority, excuse my breach of Wal-Mart etiquette. Please hold…I HEREBY DISAVOW ANY AND ALL RELATIONSHIPS WITH ANYONE BUT WHITE SOUTHERN PEOPLE. SO HELP ME, SAM!

I feel better now.  I just had to chant away my indiscretions.  You know we sing every morning don’t you?   Moving on…

Do you have any idea how good we are to the communities the Wal-Mart Gospel reaches?  Well, Mr. Upscale, let me tell you.  For the luxury and  convenience of our presence in your community we will only cost you $420,000 American dollars per year (on average).  Not to mention that we have nearly 1.2 billion in subsidies from local and federal governments to spread the Wal-Mart message.  Who is handing you money, Mr. Fancy Pants?  Opening one of our compounds or Super Compounds in any area lowers the average wage of all employed persons in that whole county by 1%.  We make every one poorer just by being there.  Amazing? We know!  Something else that is cool is that 94 cents out of every dollar we make goes back to Wal-Mart.  6 cents goes to the community in the form of salaries and local promotions.  See, we do give back to the community just as the Bible tells us to.  While we are on the subject of the Good News, we also follow the good book by keeping women subservient to men.  Our women managers earn $14,000 a year less than their male “equals.”  Sorry, that word “equal” makes me laugh.  They always point to that Dukes v. Wal-Mart case that showed we actively discriminate against women…its not discrimination, It is God’s law.  HELLO!

Look Mr. Target, we import more goods than YOU, COSTCO, and SEARS combined.  We generated 22 billion in operating revenue this year alone, Praise Sam.  Do you really think you can compete with that?  You actually think you can penetrate the customer base of low income, uneducated, and ignorant followers that swear by the Holy Trinity of The Father, Sam, and the Holy Spirit?  You blasphemous devil!  You must be French owned!  We will stick our Chinese made Freedom Fries right up your metrosexual ass, you arrogant prick.  Just who do you think you are with your “sleek” looking furniture?  EVERYONE LOVES BEAN BAG CHAIRS!  Get it through your head!  You really expect people to visit a store, and I use that term loosly, that doesn’t sell guns?  COME ON!  This is America!  You FRENCH PIG!  You know nothing about selling to real Americans.  The leftist, bourgeoisie you do sell to are unwanted by WAL-MART and do not deserve to be counted among the loyal, so sayeth the Sam!

On a positive note, you got your logo correct.  That big red “target” is nice and big.  Hard for us to miss it with the guns we purchased at Compounds around the world, you Frenchy Pig.  Stay out of our way!

May Sam’s LOVE rain down over you,


P.S.  Could you please show us how to have a more fair corporate structure?  JUST KIDDING, YOU FRENCH ASSHOLES and be sure to Vote Palin in 2012, assuming you are actually allowed to vote in this country.


My China,Debt crystal ball is dead on!

If you didn’t see my post about debt look below.   If you didn’t see my post on China look deeper below….ANYWAY.  Sometimes it is nice to see what you think validated by someone else.  READ!

Obama’s leverage in China negotiations limited by massive U.S. debt

By: Lita EpsteinLita Epstein RSS Feed

President Barack Obama will work hard to build trust with China during his trip there, but how far will he be able to go in seeking changes on the key issues — currency, the trade surplus, North Korea, Iran, human rights and others — when he’s sitting down with his nation’s largest creditor? China holds $800 billion in U.S. debt and gets $50 billion a year in interest.With that level of U.S. debt in its hands, China holds most of the cards. If China started dumping that debt, the value of the U.S. dollar would fall dramatically. China knows it’s in the stronger position, as evidenced by its recent decision to ignore the IMF as it continues its stimulus programs. So no matter who was sitting at the table representing the U.S., they wouldn’t have much ability to move the Chinese.


China flexed its muscles almost as soon as President Obama arrived. Obama held a town hall meeting for more than 400 Chinese university students, which was supposed to have been televised. But at the last minute, China pulled the plug and the event was not carried on state television. Further, to make the statement that it’s not interested in discussing human rights, China rounded up dissidents before Obama’s arrival. Clearly, China is sending the signal that human rights will not be one of the issues to be negotiated.So what issues will be discussed?


The U.S. and China are partnering more than ever in the battle against global warming, but the nations differ on hard targets for reductions in the greenhouse-gas emissions that cause it. China has some severe environmental problems because of its emissions. Perhaps a technology exchange could build a stronger bond on global warming and while developing a market for technologies developed in the U.S. for cleaning the environment.

China does support sterner sanctions to halt North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. But it differs with the U.S. on reining in Iran’s uranium enrichment program. It is possible the two countries can come to an agreement on how to move forward in parallel on Iran.
Improving the trade imbalance will be the biggest item on the agenda for President Obama. China could be a huge and lucrative market for American goods and services. But as long as China will not allow its currency to float freely and instead keeps it closely tied to the U.S. dollar, U.S. goods will remain expensive in China, while Chinese goods will continue to be cheap in the U.S. The only way to improve the trade imbalance would be for the yuan to be allowed to appreciate. While I’m sure the discussion will come up, I doubt the Chinese will budge on this issue.

For the Chinese, the biggest issue on the table will be the U.S. deficit and their biggest question will be how President Obama plans to get it under control. China has a big stick it can wield if it doesn’t like the answers. If China stops buying U.S. debt, most of President Obama’s plans — such as health care reform — would have to be shelved until the U.S. finds another lender.

Of course, if the Chinese did start selling U.S. debt, the drop in its value would cost them many billions as they tried to unwind their U.S. bond holdings. Unless they are willing to risk major losses, they would be ill-advised to wield their big stick. But for Obama to call this trip a win, he needs to bring home evidence of change from China, while for China, maintaining the status quo is a win. They don’t have to use their doomsday weapon — just having it is enough to let them say ‘no’ to Obama.

Lita Epstein has written more than 25 books including The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Foreign Currency Trading and Trading for Dummies.

Linda, Thank you for making me smarter.


In these troubling,global economic times, there is a ray of sunshine out there.  In the face of high unemployment rates and a stagnant recession,I give you this: THE CHINESE PEOPLE ARE DOING GREAT!  Want to know how I know?  They are making more pet food and owning more pets.  Isn’t that great?  Concerning China, (Whole Article) reports that:

For pet food manufacturers there is new profit margin to be derived from falling raw materials costs. After a long period of rapid growth, pet products’ raw materials costs fell in 2009, mainly as the real economy began to deteriorate following the late 2008 downturn. At the retail-end, demand for pet food products, especially dog and cat food, has not halted. This actually provided better margins for pet food manufacturers, with lower costs on the production side, concomitant with an upward retail unit price trend.

With the pet industry soaring (SOARING HOW HIGH YOU ASK?)the pet food industry in China is skyrocketing (ZOOM) !


This is not all squeaky chew toys and Alpo for China’s government.  Chinese people owning pets shows disposable income (YEAH!) and a the people are focued on things other than strange disappearances,  unwarranted imprisonment, executing mentally ill people, and religious discrimination and persecution that  the hard line communist  regime in power needs to promote to survive.  Owning a Cockatoo is hardly a common sign of socialist/communist tyranny. Is Hu Jintao and Wen Jaibaos Chinese Government a “kinder,gentler” socialist/communist government?

Not hardly. (THE PROOF)

With a human rights violation list a mile long (THE CURRENT LIST) thank god the pets are being cared for and their rights being looked after.

When will the Chinese government do for their citizens what the citizens are doing for their newly acquired pets?


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