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Sarah Palin and the “Pink Elephants”

Sarah Palin has a new political video for “Sarahpac.”  Please watch this before reading:

Here are some things I learned about Sarah Palin’s political views from this video:

1. This is the year for “common sense conservative women”

2. Women love their kids.

3. In the last year and a half (since Obama’s election) women have awakened and don’t like the fundamental transformation    (like comprehensive health care?) in America.

4. Moms are psychic- they just know something is “wrong.”

5. Moms have “woke up” in the last year and a half.

6. Momma Grizzles are tougher than pit bulls.

7.  There is a “stampede” of pink elephants (which I assume are the aforementioned “conservative women”) crossing the aisle.

8. Grizzly bears can stand up on their hind legs.

9. Women are standing up (like grizzles?) this year.

10. The word adverse means “something bad”..thank you Mrs. Palin for that vocab lesson.


What political stance did she take-other than the “in the last year in a half” veiled Obama shout out.   I feel that her, “I am woman, I love my kids, I am conservative, and you, a woman, should vote for me based on that alone” should be offensive to a modern woman.  Is that all it takes?  I cry to the like gendered “pink elephants” out there.  I SINCERELY HOPE NOT!

I understand that this political ad was not geared at me – a male.  However, I felt offended by it because the utter ignorance in the comparisons of women and bears and their ability to “stand up”, “wake up” and “protect kids and grand kids” from something adverse. Does Sarah Palin really think that democrats and other bears (?) want to harm their kids with their political beliefs?  I have not seen nor heard of any Democrat agenda that involved any kid torture, bear attacks, or anti-women sentiment.


Happy Thursday damnit!

Reader Opinion Time!

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Venting: A Geographical Focus

I am not going to complain about the people here.  I am not going to complain about the culture here.  I am not going to complain about anything that I could potentially do anything about.  I AM going to complain about how I am bombarded by things that I would hope most of this country is not subjected to.  Here are  some of the scenarios that aggravate me the most.

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Trig, see what you have done?


I was reading an article about the Gov. of  Texas’ aides saying “retard” in public and Palin callin for his firing a stern warning (The Gov.  is a republican and she is headed to Texas to campaign for the Texas Gov.  hmmmm) Anyway, I clicked on the comments after I read the article and what did I find?

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…and the award for “Best Article Title This Morning” goes to…

Ho Sit Down:  Bristol Palin Preaching Abstinence Now

Bristol Palin’s new goal is to not have any more pre-marital sex. Bristol took the Chasity oath on the Oprah Show Friday and says other women should do the same.

Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol who has been raising her son Tripp by herself says she is vowing not to make the same mistake twice.  Oprah asked Bristol if she thought she was setting herself up for failure, and Bristol replied no.

Sorry Bristol we don’t believe you, you need more people. SMH.

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When I saw this I had to show you, beloved reader.  After seeing it, I had one huge question running through my mind:

Why take the “Chasity Oath” on Oprah’s show?

Shouldn’t that be a personal real moment for a person that normally wouldn’t be shared with a gazillion other strangers?  I think its hilarious that Oprah asked if she really thought that a “Chasity Oath” was an obtainable goal.  Does Bristol really think that we, the uncaring public, think she is a whore?  I personally don’t think about her at all.

...children second.

Well, there is some good news.  The Palin camp has finally figured out a way to make the “return to decency” plausible.  Publicly embarrass the child who had sex before the church said it was o.k. and make her swear on TV to never do it again.  Nothing says “Good Parenting” like public displays of shame masked by public decrees of “I’m Sorry” for the world to see.  I can’t help but feel that  Palin’s “handlers” advised the Gov., Presidential VP Candidate, Fox News contributor to use the girl as a pawn to win back some of the puritanical outliers in the right by having her make a decree of celibacy on national TV.

Well done Sarah, well done!

Full article bossip found here.


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