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False prophets are everywhere!

Does it seem to you that a lot people are speaking for God lately?  Has there been some massive PR movement from Heaven to select vessels to distribute God’s message?   Apparently, everyone around me has Jesus’ cell number and they text/talk a lot about what is going to happen or why something happened the way it did.  There are Christian people telling me, and all of their “Friends” that the Apocalypse is at hand.  No, I am not kidding… Read the rest of this entry

PA School Spying Editoral Team-Up with Fak3r from

NOTE: Fak3r from and I are working together to bring you a multi-perspective piece on internet security and its abuses.  Rarely are team-ups like this are seen except in the pages of “Marvel Team-Ups” or “Very Special Episodes of Diff’rnt Strokes.”  Here is my half of this piece entitled:

“Does anyone have Chris Hansen’s Phone Number”

Read the rest of this entry

Where are you Alanis Morisette???

Floor collapses in Weight Watchers clinic

The floor of a weight watchers clinic in Sweden collapsed beneath a group of people taking part in a weight loss programme. Read the rest of this entry

Grading Hotels: A “How To” Guide

Hotels come in many shapes and sizes.  Some have nostalgia, some have glitz, some have modern art.  All have beds, night stands, Gideon Bibles, semi-helpful staff, and some what uncomfortably narrow space between the tub and the toilet.  All have names that you have heard of Hilton, La Quinta, Howard Johnson, Holiday Inn, Days Inn, Double Tree, Hyatt, Marriott and myriad others.  “MATT, HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHERE TO STAY,” I hear you cry. Read the rest of this entry

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