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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

I know its been a while. Well, dear reader, I have been busy. With  Kid #1, Kid #2, Wrist Surgery, Gut Surgery…and other reasons that sound like plausible excuses to not continue this blog.  However, I am vowing to make more frequent posts starting…now.


On April 17th of this year I had a procedure called a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

Two weeks prior to surgery I was on 100% liquids with the last week all CLEAR liquids.  Surgery happens.  2.5 weeks later I was still HATING this decision.  FOOD and LIQUIDS hurt when you swallowed more than a thimble full.  It was a constant fight against 38 years of practice.  I lost many battles.

Then something happened.  I swallowed instinctively and NOTHING BAD HAPPENED.  I remember thinking, “Oh shit!  I’m about to pop staples and die from some septic gunk coursing through my veins.”  Staples held, nothing bad happened, I lived – and still am.  In fact I’m much better.  See below:

April 17, 2014 – Weight 298 lbs. (45.6 BMI)

June 23, 2014- Weight 224 lbs (34.1 BMI)


A1C on Surgery Date- 6.7 (6.5 + is Diabetic)

A1C on June 16, 2014- 4.6 (5.7 and below is normal)

Post Meal Glucose Level on Surgery Date- 210 mg/dl (DIABETIC is 200 mg/dl  or greater)

Post Meal Glucose Level on June 22, 2014- 99 mg/dl (NORMAL is <140 mg/dl)

Waist Size Pre-Surgery- 46 in.

Waist Size June 6, 2014- 36 in

Shirt Size Pre-Surgery- XXL

Shirt Size June 6, 2014- L

Shoe Size Pre-Surgery- 10 wide

Shoe Size June 6, 2014- 9 med

Addendum:  Additional non-quantifiable changes post surgery:

  • Chicken Nuggets were amazing before.  They now smell like Satan’s dirty underwear.
  • Salmon – Pre-Surgery- yucktastic               Now- an amazing fish
  • Ice Cream is impossible to eat now.  (kinda bummed about that one…not really)
  • Knee/foot pain from tennis – largely gone
  • Existing on less than 1000 calories a day is not as bad as you may think
  • Gatorade is physically easier to drink than water  (I know, that is hard for me to believe too)
  • My libido is more…noticeable.

Any one out there have any comments, recommendations, or accolades to throw my way…Lets read em.  Post in comments.




Progress is being made.






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