… and the results are in!


Dethroning”Don’t put the babies in the Microwave” spoke by “person overheard in WalMart”, This year’s BABY TIP OF THE YEAR AWARD goes to…


Every year there is some outstanding baby advice that- honestly, dosen’t need to be given.  Common sense would dictate that these types of tips aren’t necessary- HOWEVER, some among us need  kind people like the ones at Babycenter.com to remind us of things like this:

Your baby’s hands should be mostly open now and ready to reach out to the world. Although your baby can’t grab objects just yet, she can grasp things placed in her hands. And once she wraps her hands around something, she might not let go so easily. She’ll also try to bat at objects, so keep potentially dangerous items far from her reach. This means not holding hot liquids or sharp objects while you’re holding her.

Here is an actual letter in support of this year’s choice from B.M.P., a nationally known baby advocacy group!

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