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Apparently, everyone who has ever had a child, changed a diaper, or can spell “child” is an expert on the care of, not only their children, but YOUR CHILD as well – AND- they have permission to touch your child WHENEVER they want!!!

FYI:  This drives the wife and I insane.

Here are some scenarios that have actually happened!

Scenario #1: During a checkup, Our pediatrician suggests a course of action to make our baby’s life easier.  Later that week, A local store clerk tells me that  the pediatrician is wrong about that suggested course of action, and her “30+” years of baby rearing make her the paramount baby expert of the universe.  Yes, dear readers, a purveyor of imitation leather goods knows more than a pediatrician.  You read it here first.

Scenario #2: While outside the safe confines of the home, the baby, wife, and I were walking down an aisle of a local store.  A person, whom I don’t know appears out of nowhere like David Copperfield saying:   “Oh hey!!! Is this the new baby??”   As she speaks her hands enter the baby seat and touch the child’s face.  I respond with “Yes, this is her.  Well, we have a lot to do,” and moved the child from the groper’s unwarranted touch.  When we separated from the intruder I asked the wife, “Who was that?”  Her response, ” I don’t know- I thought you knew her.”   ZING!!!  See what happened-  Yeah that really happened!

So, what do you do when you are about to explode thinking about all 100000 baby guarding scenarios?  Well, just in time my savior- sends this out! It dosen’t touch on the “touching” issue, but I think the same feelings are shared by the parenting public.


From, here is the latest in parenting suggestions:

Your life: Handling unwanted advice

When you have a baby, everyone in the world seems to have an opinion to share: “Shouldn’t she be wearing a sweater?” “She won’t grow big and strong if you don’t feed her solids now.” “If you let her suck on a pacifier, she’ll ruin her teeth!” Whether the advice is right or wrong, it’s the sheer intrusiveness of it all that can irk you.

How to deal with it? First, don’t take everything you hear seriously. There’s no quicker way to undermine your growing confidence than to listen to every shred of information you’re offered by friends, relatives, and strangers. Do what you think is best.

Realize the advice is mostly well intentioned. People are drawn to babies. Sometimes they make “helpful” comments simply to have something to say. In response, say something noncommittal, like “Thanks for your concern” or “I’ll think about that.” A great way to handle grandparents who have their own ideas about feeding or sleep is to enlist a third party: “Thanks, Mom. I’ll see what our doctor says.”

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  1. Ha! I Can see it’s going to be a long 21 years for you guys!

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