Fast Food Conniption Fit

According to a conniption fit is described as:

Assume for a minute you decided to tell your parents about your plans to ditch college and join the circus. The next event you witness should qualify as a conniption fit. A conniption fit is a sudden, violent emotional outburst generally triggered by shocking news or an unexpected turn of events. Unlike a tantrum, which could be triggered with little outside provocation, a conniption fit is often an anticipated response to incredibly bad or disappointing news. A conniption fit is generally characterized by a tirade of strong language accompanied by signs of frustration, rage and/or sadness. Sometimes a person having a conniption fit is reduced to stutters and incomprehensible epithets.

Ya got that?  Do you have a mental image of what what looks/sounds like?

There are triggers in this life that you have a knee jerk reaction to.  There are some things that make evil leap forth from your mouth in a fit of anger unlike anything else. HERE IS MINE!


When I go to a fast food joint and this is in front of me…I loose it!  I know it’s irrational and absurd, but by the time it gets to this point…the menu / ordering section has taken so long it no longer qualifies as “fast” food.  (YES, their door was open for the ordering process, but I was becoming too infuriated to get the camera phone into action.  I was yelling and beating on the steering wheel.)

I know … I know.  I need therapy and they need to ease up on the Big Macs and save a few dollars for a window repair job.


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