Grading Hotels: A “How To” Guide

Hotels come in many shapes and sizes.  Some have nostalgia, some have glitz, some have modern art.  All have beds, night stands, Gideon Bibles, semi-helpful staff, and some what uncomfortably narrow space between the tub and the toilet.  All have names that you have heard of Hilton, La Quinta, Howard Johnson, Holiday Inn, Days Inn, Double Tree, Hyatt, Marriott and myriad others.  “MATT, HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHERE TO STAY,” I hear you cry.

Well, I am here to help you, Dear Reader.  One of the first things you need to assess the H-VAC system of the main lobby and meeting rooms you may be using.  Here is an example of something that should stand out.

This may seem is.

Unless you live on or near the sun, 95 degrees on two different thermostats equals a WHOLE LOTTA heatin’ going on!  This H-VAC discussion leads us to the chamber in which you will be sleeping and working.  Something to look for in a quality personal thermostat should resemble something relatively modern like this:

This device seems very easy to use...user friendly.

Bathroom amenities are always a welcomed addition to any hotel stay..what you should look for are things that are clearly designed for a specific task that are clearly labeled for how you need to use them. Some offer suggestions just for YOU, the guest.  Not all guests…YOU.    Here is a good example:

I think this is for you to clean your body with.

After a cleansing shower or bath and a  great night’s sleep you should have an amazing breakfast.  It is the corner stone of a great healthy day after all.  PUT UP THAT WALLET BIG SPENDER!  Some times hotels offer breakfasts, FOR FREE, with a nights stay.  I KNOW…AWESOME RIGHT??  You could look forward to bagels, toast, muffins and some times they even give you eggs…FOR FREE!

Free BOILED the score!

I KNOW!!!  Right now you need to get your wits about you and focus.  Because there is one more HUGE tip to help you make a great, informed decision on a hotel.

Read some reviews.  People’s opinions shape a busines’s practices, rates, style, and economic viability.  What other people think about a hotel is a HUGE concern for any establishment.  People talk, you know what I mean.  Reviews are everywhere…online, magazines, newspapers, some are even taped to the front door!


I know it is a lot to take in.  Reread this post as many times as you need to.  It is free you know.

If you need any more tips on hotels or anything else this suave, world traveler can help you with, drop me a line or a comment.

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  1. Ha! Very brilliant. I read this as I was looking for hotels in Puerto Rico. I’ll need to know how to clean my body and with what. Good tips!

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