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Here is a link to the entire transcription of the State of the Union Address:


Before you post anything on Facebook, Twitter, or any other site where you can type something and other people can read it OR talk about it openly in public-READ IT FOR YOUR SELF.

I have already seen posts on a variety of sites saying things like:

“Bullshit, he is a liar”

“I am throwing up”

“he hates this country”

These posts are from people who, I assume, are of an intellectual level that would allow them to reason truth from fiction.  However, they post things like the lines above.  WHY?  Because things like this are considered cool and correct where they live and  their friends say it and it must be cool.  I doubt most, not all, of them could tell me or anyone what the Health Care Bill contains – only that they are against it.  It is junior high school acceptance needs yet unfulfilled.  It is truly sad.

I am going to get comments and messages from people who disagree with me or are mad at me for saying this, but those people need to ask themselves one question:

Do you really, really feel the President of the United States wants this country to fail?

If you or anyone you know says “YES” to that…You should never talk to them again because you are getting dumber by the second from only being near that ignorant American citizen who doesn’t care enough to do the research or learn any specifics to support their own negative reactions.

I am sick of the line “He is entitled to his opinion.” Well, if that “opinion” is based on lies and perpetuates lies- its not a valid opinion– it is a carbon copy of some other person’s lie.

If you do the leg work and research topics, form ideas of your own, and then formulate your opinion of a topic…EVEN IF I DON’T AGREE WITH IT…people will not make fun of you or think less of you.  If you have a valid opinion and you want to voice it…DO IT.


Unless you read, research, and think over options to solve a problem or issue you really don’t have an opinion of your own.  Repeating what you hear on TV or the radio does not make that sentiment “your” opinion!

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