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Just when you thought you have seen it all..

I give you this:

Yeah $330,000 for a "virtual" space station...Shit.

This guy “Buzz Eric Lightyear” (aka Dumbass) paid $330,000 American dollars for a cyber space station.  HELLO EVERYONE OUT THERE…It isn’t real.  It is a cyber-property in a game called Planet Calypso that encourages people to exchange real money for things in the game.  This guy is going to host “hunts” and tax people who shop and visit the things on his space station in hopes to recoup his $330,000 investment.  OMFG!!!  Why do those with an extra $330k blow it on CYBER SPACE STATIONS and those like me who actually need it will never see $330k all in one bundle.

Fuck, I need a nap.

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