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Some Friendly Advice In A Bulleted List

I am moved to post this as a public service.  I am not concerned with discussions about this or anything else…however, if you want to comment, go ahead.  I wont ignore it.

Here is my short list of points of advice to the general public:

  • If you receive any governmental (State or Fed) assistance (CHIPS, MEDICAID, DISABILITY…), Do not go on any social media site and complain about the government giving away your tax dollars to other people.  Especially if you are trying to make other people think you AREN’T receiving any.  Surprise, they already know and you look like you are in denial or, worse, a racist.
  • Do not make any public statements about how “Obama shut down the government.”  The House of Representatives is the only branch that can do that.  Open a civics book and save yourself the embarrassment.
  • If you haven’t read “What’s the matter with Kansas” – Do it.
  • A well made duck call does not a role model make.
  • “Gourmet fast Food” is still fast food.
  • Do not touch other people’s kid (especially on the hair or face) when you walk up to say “hello” to the parent.

More to follow…

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