To be or not…

“The longest journey begins with a single step.”

It deserves noting that the man who is quoted as saying that also said:

“…the important thing in a military operation is victory, not persistence.”

It makes me wonder what is really important.  Is it the journey or the outcome. Mr. Tsu seems to indicate by these two (out of context) quotes that starting something is more important than the length of the ordeal itself, but in the end the result is all that really matters.

Does one follow the heart and choose a path that will make themselves happy, yet make life more risky for his family or does one keep the status quo which is safe and practical.  The first more risky option has the potential to grow, the second is stagnant yet consistent.  The illusion of choice….

If only there was some inspiration I could draw on, now that old Tsu is of no help to me:


Thank you Steve.  For one second, the millions you made off the back of Chinese sweat shop workers was momentarily forgotten.  If Steve could talk to Sun Tsu, I wonder what he would say about his life and the choices he made…

OH WAIT, HERE IT IS!!!  Hypothetical Letter from Steve Jobs to Sun Tsu  How fortunate…

I am tired and frustrated and unsure about some things.

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