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This world is over-run with half-talented people trying to be funny, smart, or different (like me, for instance).  However, there are often overlooked and under hyped pieces of manna floating in the internet abyss.  It is when you come across one of these oasises oasis’s oasissses nice places you want the world to know about how cool you are it is.  So, In the interest of sharing, I give you dear readers, OATMEAL. is created, maintained, and drawn by Matthew Inman.  Self described as:

I am a 27 year old web designer, web developer, and online marketer from Seattle, Washington.

That’s not all he is.  As I read through Oatmeal, I started learnign more about Mr. Inman and his accomplishments, Oatmeal aside.

Read this –> Quite Impressive

Oatmeal is the funniest, smartest thing I have ever come across in a long time. I am now a fan!

Those that know me and my completely rational reaction to spiders and spider paraphernalia can understand why this cartoon hooked me from the start!

I repeat- I am a fan of  You should be too.

As I sit here-I laugh. Thanks to Mr. Inman.


This Oatmeal page is another of my faves.

How to Suck at Facebook

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