Looking Behind the Healthcare Curtain: Facts v. Myth

Guess what you conservatives, Republicans, er…opponents of the health care overhaul- YOU LOST.  I know it sucks being on a losing team, I have lost a few close ones in my life like the Bush V. Gore election…wait, we didn’t lose that-it was stolen.  I digress.  So, I have some facts gleaned from various sources for you to get some consolation over your new health care system and hopefully dispel some of the propagandamistruths…LIES that those on the right have put out.  No need to thank me.

Health care overhaul is going to lower your health insurance premiums.

Obama says that once new competitive insurance markets open for business, in 2014, individuals buying coverage comparable to what they have today will pay 14-20 percent less. Family coverage costs about $13,400 a year, so that could be real money.  But the president’s assurance is based on a selective reading of a Congressional Budget Office report that found most individuals would probably buy better, more expensive coverage than what’s available today.  And Obama skips over an important caveat: The budget office didn’t say premiums would be lower than currently. It said premiums for some people would be lower than they would have been without the bill. Premiums for others would be higher.  With the U.S. population getting older, and medical science pushing the technological envelope, there’s very little reason to think premiums will go down. The best Obama can hope for is to slow the pace of increases.

• You will be forced to pay for other people’s abortions.

Only if you join a health insurance plan that covers abortion. In that case, the costs of paying for abortions would be spread over all the enrollees in the plan — no differently from how other medical procedures are handled, except a policyholder would have to write a separate check for it.  Timothy Jost, a law professor at Washington and Lee University, said people who don’t want to pay for abortion could simply pick a plan that doesn’t offer it.  There would definitely be a demand for such plans, and not just from people with moral objections. Single men and older women would have no reason to pay an extra premium for abortion coverage.

• The Democratic bill will lead to government health care rationing.

The legislation sets up a research center to compare the effectiveness of medical treatments, and critics fear that bureaucrats will start issuing justifications for denying patients access to the latest medical technology.  Republicans as well as Democrats had previously called for a major investment in such research to help make sense of which kinds of treatments, medications and technologies are worth the cost.  The legislation specifies that the research findings cannot be used to impose mandates, guidelines or recommendations for payment, coverage, or treatment — or used to deny coverage.  Acceptance of the research is likely to be slow in coming, and the medical community — not government and insurance companies — will probably take the lead in vetting it.

• The American people have already rejected “Obamacare.”

Although some polls show a majority oppose the bill, most surveys find the public about evenly divided. Blendon, the public opinion expert, believes it’s premature to say that the public has rejected it. Curiously, many individual components — doing away with insurance denials for pre-existing conditions, tax credits to help pay premiums, insurance purchasing pools — are widely popular. Obama reads those findings to mean that Democrats have a chance to turn around public opinion, and he’s embarking on a campaign to sell the bill.

• The legislation will save Medicare from bankruptcy.

Democrats say the bill — even as it cuts Medicare to pay for expanded coverage for working families — will add at least nine years of solvency to the program’s giant hospital insurance trust fund, now projected to be exhausted in 2017.  Technically that’s true — but only on paper.  Savings from the Medicare cuts will be invested in government IOUs, like any other trust fund surplus. The special Treasury securities count as an asset on Medicare’s books — making the program’s precarious financial situation seem more reassuring. But the government will spend the actual money. And when time comes for Medicare to redeem the IOUs, lawmakers will have to scramble to come up with the cash.  The key point is that the Medicare savings will be received by the government only once, the Congressional Budget Office said, “so they cannot be set aside to pay for future Medicare spending and, at the same time, pay for current spending … on other programs.”

Hope that clears up some of your new program for ya.

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  1. OK, granted neither side is perfect but do you actually believe the contents of the shovel? There really is no perfect way but we as a country are going to suffer due to this, tax payers particularly. How else will the millions of uninsured non-contributing that are to be newly insured, be covered when our government is in the deficit that it is at this point. I can accept a loss and can be humble but once the Government subsidised healthcare kicks in everyone will see why it is that every other country that has used it is now trying to figure out how to get away from it. I really don’t see this turning out so well but I will ride the wave and see where we all end up then be glad to accept defeat or point the finger of blame and say shame shame, either way I’ll be fine. My kids and grandkids are who I worry about. They are the ones getting screwed by their government and the idioticly blind sheep we know as the public. Bottom line, the liberals and democrats are quick to give everyone else’s money and belongings away while hoarding thier own.

    • I believe that the term “patriotism” has been misconstrued in our country. To some it means to join the millitary and defend our country. However, as true as that is, it is not the only defining quality of a patriot. I think patriotism means doing what is right for this country despite my own personal feelings because it simply is best for this country as a whole. If I have to pay a fraction of 1% more in taxes to ensure 30 million more of my fellow Americans will have access to healthcare-I believe that is a better spent tax dollar than other govt ( dem and rep created) programs that are out there and are slated to start. I truly believe tha it is my duty as an American to support bills that better our nation as a whole. I believe this one is one of those bills.
      Jamie, I hope you are safe and look forward to when you come home. I hope we can get a beer and talk more (it dosent have to be about politics) Be safe, my friend

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