Looking forward….

The future is a vast and ever changing cloud of possibility.  Now that the kid is in the mix…that cloud is much bigger with 10000 more possibilities.  UGHHH…lets assume that my new kid-to-be is free of all diseases, forms of chromozone abnormalities, and all the billions of things that could go wrong with a pregnancy and appears … normal.  YAHOO!

What if he is a bad kid…the ones that cry just to cry on airplanes, the ones that give teachers ulcers, the kind that make you not want kids in the 1st place.  OMG that would be a nightmare!!!

If my childhood is any indication of my future child’s potential…lets say it will be challenging.  My mother refers to my childhood as “full of surprises.”   That means my report card was full of comments like “Fights,” “Does not play well with others,” and “bullies other children.”  KARMA???  Oh god…My child will get in trouble for things like this:

As funny as that is and as much as you want to “high 5” your kid for being clever…this is a “NO-NO.”

I am going to hate to discipline my kid for being clever and somewhat inappropriate.

Sabrina can do that…

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  1. ah, now you’re thinking like a Father! 😉 Trust me, I’m with you, mine are 7 and 9 – and the worrying just keeps going…

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