Dick Cheney doesn’t care what you think, U.S. Criminal Code.

Read this 1st then we will talk….

Does Dick Chaney Want to Be Prosecuted
by: Scott Horton
After he was indicted for the murder of Alexander Hamilton, vice president Aaron Burr fled to South Carolina, to hide out with his daughter. Another vice president, Spiro Agnew, kept completely silent before pleading nolo contendere on corruption charges. Former vice president Dick Cheney, on the other hand, seems proud of his criminal misadventures. On Sunday, he took to the airwaves to brag about them.
“I was a big supporter of waterboarding,” Cheney said in an appearance on ABC’s This Week on Sunday. He went on to explain that Justice Department lawyers had been instructed to write legal opinions to cover the use of this and other torture techniques after the White House had settled on them.
Section 2340A of the federal criminal code makes it an offense to torture or to conspire to torture. Violators are subject to jail terms or to death in appropriate cases, as where death results from the application of torture techniques. Prosecutors have argued that a criminal investigation into torture undertaken with the direction of the Bush White House would raise complex legal issues, and proof would be difficult. But what about cases in which an instigator openly and notoriously brags about his role in torture? Cheney told Jonathan Karl that he used his position within the National Security
Council to advocate for the use of waterboarding and other torture techniques. Former CIA agent John Kiriakou and others have confirmed that when waterboarding was administered, it was only after receiving NSC clearance. Hence, Cheney was not speaking hypothetically but admitting his involvement in the process that led to decisions to waterboard in at least three cases.
What prosecutor can look away when a perpetrator mocks the law itself and revels in his role in violating it? Such cases cry out for prosecution. Dick Cheney wants to be prosecuted. And prosecutors should give him what he wants.

Here is the original posting on  HARPER’S MAGAZINE online.

Scott Horton writes for Harper’s Magazine.  I have his stuff on RSS and I ALWAYS read his new articles…you can tell why if you read the article above.

So apparently Dick Cheney admits on TV that he told Jonathan Karl to advocate for the use of water boarding.  WOW!

So, I don’t think that Cheney WANTS to be arrested…He doesn’t believe he can be. The man appears to be in a delusional state where he is above reproach.  When Scooter Libby gets 5 felony counts and his BOSS (WHO TELLS HIM WHAT TO) gets nothing…can you blame him for believing he is above US LAW?

Right now Dick Cheney is holding his middle finger up in salute to the countless American’s who voted for him and allow him to be untarnished in the obvious breach of the laws he took an oath to abide by and protect.

JUST AN FYI…here is the oath Dick Cheney took to become VP.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

I don’t see anything about breaking laws all willy nilly!

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  1. Oh I completely agree! The fact that we saw Cheney 6 times when he was VP, and he’s on TV every weekend tells you his agenda, but come on, it’s as if he thinks he’s still above the law! You’d think he be quiet about all this stuff, but no.

    Plus, who else is sick of hearing Cheney and the Republicans talk about the underpants bomber getting read his Miranda rights, when Richard Reid, the shoe bomber who was arrested under the Bush administration, *WAS ALSO* read the same rights? It was the same circumstances, and the Bush/Cheney administration treated Reid the EXACT same way. That’s it, it’s a fact…how dumb are people who don’t know this?

  2. Newsflash: the people that voted for Dick Cheney still completely support his position! He is their hero and they turn a blind eye to all transgressions including draft deferrals. The fact that he flunked out of Yale and various colleges multiple times and played HS football and married a cheerleader only enhances his anti-elitist halo.
    What a regular guy!

  3. It is frustrating that Cheney thinks he is above the law. But it is even more frustrating that he is probably right.

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