Fuck you 2010! Already? YES!

OK, 1st off let me thank this new year and it’s fate/chance/karma driven wheels of randomness for reinforcing my disappointment with the human race as a whole.

The facts are these:

1.  When we as a people encounter someone that believes in previous lives(not Buddhist past lives …like new age non-researched “I like the sound of that” past lives), said person was always someone more important than the person they are now.  It never ceases to amaze me how many Joan of Arcs, Ghandis, Charlemagnes, or Alexander the Greats I have met that were reincarnated into Gap salespeople, convenience store workers, or fast food chefs .  Not one person , NOT ONE, has ever said ” I was a peasant farmer in what is present day Turkey, who died at 22 of venereal disease.”  Statistically that would be infinitely more probable than Alexander the Great, Mata Hari, or Thomas Jefferson.  Do you ever hear that?  No.  Why you ask?  Because no one wants to believe this is it.  The lack of present fame or future glory MUST be compensated by a fictional past.  SHIT.

2.  Musicians are suing local MOM AND POP bars for playing their fucking music???  Oh yeah, You read that right  READ MORE Where did the years go when exposure…free exposure was a GOOD thing.  Fuck me!

3.  What the fuck is going on where a VOLUNTEER, who is hearing impaired, is refused a VOLUNTEER position where the ability to hear is UNNEEDED!  A colleague of mine has been turned down by the NY Aquarium because she was hearing impaired.  She wanted to dive in the tanks and I assume help maintain the glass or whatever needed to be done.  You know to give back, VOLUNTEER, get involved, make a difference…but, NO!  She is hearing impaired and can’t dive.  I have been SCUBA diving for 20 years and NOT ONCE…NOT ONCE has my hearing underwater helped or hindered me at all.  It is a non-issue.  So NY Aquarium, Fuck you and your liability bullshit.  Unreal.  Pres. Obama, I smell volunteer prevention…right here!  God Damnit

It is Jan. 1 and I am already mad at people I don’t know.  Shit.

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  1. Agree on the volunteer, thing Matt. Glad to see you are still the Howell I remember. Matti

  2. Regarding #1: Hilarious. A friend of mine always points out to these types that there are a hell of a lot more people now than there ever were in any other time in history, leaving them with the uncomfortable task of arguing how 10 million people can be reborn as 6 billion people.

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