Sadly, Inspiration Is Too Strong To Ignore

As I was heading to work today my mind was deciding on what topic I should write about today.  Honestly, I was not  feeling overly creative, until inspiration struck.  There, at a convenience store ATM, was the spark I needed to choose a topic.  (See above) It was a print out that made me realize something about the state of most American’s lives…as well as America as a whole.  Credit card abuse is a pandemic that effects the USA.   Poor education and brilliant marketing are at the root of the problem.  Let’s face it.  Most American’s don’t understand how interest works.  (WANNA LEARN?  CLICK HERE)  Learning how credit works, frankly, isn’t stressed enough in our lives.  If it was illustrated and taught as is SHOULD be our financial system in the US would crumble due to no one accepting horrible terms on that line of credit.  I KNOW…I KNOW.  That may be an overestimation. (Maybe not.)

Surely our elected leaders, the best among us would not let our country be based on money we OWE SOMEONE ELSE…

Yeah they would-and have-and its bad for us all. (SEE!)  Our country is being slowly owned by our lenders.  The Christian Bible says the “Borrower is slave to the lender.”  Well, get used to the shackles everybody, because your share of our nations debt comes to (CLICK HERE TO SEE).  I think that is over our collective credit limit.  Maybe they will take a check????

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