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Social Hierarchy…and an AK-74U

There is someone behind a shattered brick wall.  They are moving in and out of view.  They are armed.  You are armed as well but, completely unafraid.  You raise your weapon and take aim on the area they will be moving to next.  They move as you launch a grenade from your under barrel GSN-19.  The explosion sends the target spinning into the air as you turn your head to look for another target.  Forgetting them instantly.  Your communication device cracks to life with voices alerting you to the fact that you are a “noob.”

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TV: The Generation Maker

My parents (AND THOSE BEFORE THEM) lived in a time where things were still “mysterious.”  By that, I mean they couldn’t GOOGLE the mysterious and exciting sounding Bedazzeler and become instantly downhearted like my generation can.  Their information came from books, magazines, newspapers, and TV.  If it wasn’t on TV, many current topics weren’t heard about until the newspaper came out or someone said something about it a few days after.  HOW BORING!!!

However, they saw epic things on TV for the 1st time!  The moon landing, JFK’s assination, Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey, the 1st color TV, Fred meeting Ether, the Vietnam war,  and so on and so on…

My generation has seen some doozies as well!  Here is a list of some of the most amazing things that I have seen on TV so far in this life! ( in no particular order)

  1. Challenger Exploding
  2. Pres. Obama’s election
  3. 9/11
  4. Bill Clinton denying Monica’s BJ/Cigar Disappearing Act
  5. Red Sox winning the World Series
  6. Berlin Wall coming down
  7. Iran/Contra Hearings—> Ollie North’s Talk Show
  8. Boy George on the A-Team
  9. Pres. George Bush Jr. sitting perfectly still when informed about 9/11
  10. Video games go from Pong to PS3/XBox
  11. Saturday Morning Cartoons
  12. Michael Jackson’s hair catching on fire
  13. Will Ferrel on SNL
  14. Geraldo opening Al Capone’s Vault LIVE
  15. Madonna kissing Britney Spears
  16. MTV’s 1st 5 minutes of air time or “back when they played videos”
  17. Shrinky Dinks ( I still don’t know what those are)
  18. Jim Baker, Tammy Faye, and Jessica Hahn
  19. International Space Station
  20. “2 girls 1 cup”   (*NOTE* If you don’t know what this is..DO NOT look it up. You have been warned.)

I can only wait with breathless anticipation over what is to come in the next few years.

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