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Just some tips on retaining your MAN card

Here is a list that all men need to read…

You are losing man points if you:

Smoke a Misty Cigarette

Own anything with a sequin

Drink out of a straw

No, not really.

Lip sync/karoke anything by Milli Vanilli or ABBA

Know what “Spanx” are

Wear “skinny jeans”

Have a preference in the nylon content of socks

Think and/or believing that chocolate is even close to sex

Know who Zach Effron is

No idea...

Take a picture of a celebrity to your hairstylist

Have a hairstylist

Use a blender on any speed other than the highest speed


Order anything that is or rhymes with “frappichino”

Drink a cocktail that is blue, red (Campari excluded), green, or pink

Debate the “Hasselbeck Issue” on The View

Wear athletic shoes that are ONE COLOR

Oh yeah, those white Nikes really make ya look tough!

Thanks to my wife for help with this list.

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