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Post Christmas Yule Tide After Glow

Well, It is over.  Another year capped off with ham and family togetherness.  The only thing on the horizon is New Years Eve.  “The Holidays” are an ever elusive ideal that someone invented a long time ago.  Today, just today, I realized I was “Christmased out”…visually:

I think that it is possible to have too much of a good thing.  When you reach that pinnacle of “holiday overload” something changes.  Something changes  internally.  Holiday cheer becomes grating and trite.  Repetition of “Merry Christmas” becomes transparent and almost…fake.  You can not BS a sentiment over and over with out your delivery of said sentiment becoming tired and unbelievable to even the most immature of grandchildren and inebriated of guests.  So, I stopped trying.  I didn’t actually mean to stop, but I did.  My Christmas Battery was dead.  D E A D

Now, I sit here at 11:43 p.m. and I am yet to decompress.  The tree is devoid of presents and there are no foreign voices in the house.    My dog is sleeping soundly and I am here looking into an LCD window wondering what is coming next:

Am I Scrooge, am I human, am I a bad person?  Goodnight world, wherever you are.

Merry Christmas

( I didn’t even believe that one.)

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