Post Christmas Reflections

My Wife's Proposed Lighting Plan For Next Year

The tree has been put away or discarded.  The newly untangled lights start their year long re-tangling process.  The plastic Rudolphs, Santas, Jesuses ( I admit I do not know the plural of Jesus.), and plates with Frosty on them are all put into their storage containers and forgotten about by everyone for another 11 months.  Everyone except my wife.

My wife is a wonderful wife, mother and Christmas enthusiast.  Right now she is projecting the size of our daughter so she can find “great deals” on Christmas clothing to buy for my daughter to wear next year.  Frugal?  Yes.  Sane?  Maybe.  It dosen’t stop there.  All year she will hum or whistle some variation of a Christmas song.  Her face lightens and smiles to her self  remembering Christmases from her past while it is 90+ degrees outside. It amazes me when I see video of children in abject poverty smiling and playing.  I get the same feeling of amazement when my wife is singing Frosty the Snowman while swimming in August.  I suppose some things escape me.

Now that the young one is here the whole Christmas perspective has changed for me.  I am looking forward to Christmas.  Not for me, but for her and my wife.  I want to watch her eyes light up when my wife tells her  about elves, Santa, reindeer, and  all the trappings of Christmas- less Fruitcake.  I want to see the anticipation build in her for Christmas morning culminating into a morning filled with laughter, screams of joy, and pink things everywhere.

I have to un-Grinch myself for any of this this to happen.  I admit that I do not have the unbridled excitement my wife has concerning Christmas.  However, I better learn it quick.  Just like the Grinch, I am sure a little girl will show me how.

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