Ted Haggard Retakes Pulpit (with translation)

Ted Haggard was shamed into resigning as president of the National Association of Evangelicals and leaving his Christian ministry—as well as Colorado—after a scandal four years ago involving a sexual encounter with a prostitute, from whom he also bought meth. But now he says he “over-repented.” Haggard started a ministry with his wife Gayle in their backyard barn two months ago, and now the congregation has swelled to 200 people, so many people that they had to move out of the barn and into a community center this Sunday. Haggard says he was the victim of a “witch hunt,” and that the sexual encounter was really a massage gone wrong. Christian critics say the pressures of leading a church could cause Haggard to be tempted again, but the preacher says ministering is part of his repentance, reminding him every week of his sins. In one way, he says, his painful public scandal encourages his flock to confide in him: “It’s amazing. People tell me everything,” Haggard says. “That never happened when we were respectable.”

Here is a translation of some key terms from that article using Babel Fish.

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  1. Nice coverage, I saw something about this weeks ago, with him welcoming people to his farm and telling them where to park for the service. This just underscores what is wrong with organized religion, the fact that you can commit a crime, lie about it, and then claim it as some past sins that somehow make you more worthy is embarrassing; I have no idea how these people live with themselves.

    And since we’re on topic, I posted about Mike Jones (the prostit… er, um, massage therapist, in question) when he put the Ted Haggard massage table on eBay, and I received an email from Mike thanking me for my support. http://fak3r.com/2007/03/12/ted-haggard-massage-table-on-ebay/

    I have not bought his book, but only because I forgot about it until reading this post. More info about his book, and an interview with him, can be found here: http://friendlyatheist.com/2007/08/09/interview-with-mike-jones-the-man-who-exposed-ted-haggards-hypocrisy/

    • I heard about this originally, like you, a few weeks ago. I just happened across a pic of Jim Baker from the 1980s this morning and it reminded me of this story. So, I backed up, altered a bablefish screen cap, and decided to post it. We will be heading through St. Louis on the way to Kansas City this weekend. I will administer a long car horn salute to ya as we pass through! BE LISTENING!

  2. What, I ask you, would we do for entertainment without these ‘people’???

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