The Tao of Russell

Few things make me as upset as seeing someone who “deserves” to win lose through no fault or mistake of their own.  I am speaking in general terms of the results of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians, a reality show on CBS.  Russell Hantz, an oil company owner from Dayton, TX is arguably the greatest manipulator the show has ever seen.  Like him or not- he plays the game within the rules and does what he needs to to accomplish his goals.  He is the most hated player the show has ever seen, BY THE OTHER PLAYERS, which has cost him winning either of the two seasons he as been on.  However it is also worth noting that he as won the “FAN FAVORITE” $100,000 award, which is voted on by the viewers, both times he has competed and reached the finale.  What this shows me is that the people Russell manipulated and used to his own ends-WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OF THE RULES- can never win because the other contestants can not look past their own disdain and anger toward him to see that he truly deserves to win based the thousands

Russell’s play and 2 second place finishes have made me realize something that I really think is important.  In my mind he deserved to win, when looked at from a “game” perspective…however, he made people upset and made their lives miserable on his way to reaching the finale.  That part of the “game” is not accounted for by Russell and ends up what eventually costs him the million dollars, because the people he moves like pawns and manipulates are the very ones that decide to give him the million dollars or not and they can not and will not over look his brashness, rudeness, and hubris and acknowledge his superior game play and manipulation techniques.


The Tao of Russell states:  No matter your level of accomplishment, no matter your level of success,  no matter your level of pride – when looked at and judged by other people, they will remember how you treated them and those around them proving that emotion will always out weigh logic in personal decisions.

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  1. Very good Tao philosophy. While he played the game well, so did Parvati. Sandra shouldn’t have gotten a single vote. This was a two person contest.

  2. I just think that he’s overlooked a significant factor of the game that he would have recognized had he had the chance to have seen his previous season. If he ever wants to win Survivor, he’ll have to realize that the jury vote is a major part of the game. It’s not that they’re bitter and miserable people (they vote the same way every season…at some point a decent jury would have to show up!), it’s just that this is a major aspect of Survivor. If you’re a jerk and people hate you, you’re not going to win. That’s not to discount his skill at getting to the end. I think he could come in second in the game of Survivor better than anyone else…he just won’t win that way.

    Sidenote: I think the Fan Favorite thing is a little skewed. Russell by far had more airtime than anyone else, so America’s pretty much at the mercy of the editors. The fact that Rupert came in second speaks volumes in my book. Where was he all season?

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