Obtuse View Store Now Open!

Now you can show your support for Obtuse View.

Wanna be famous?

Wanna be seen by thousands of people?

Here’s how:

1) Navigate  to Obtuse View Swag Shop

2) Purchase the item(s) of your choice

3) Take a photo of yourself using /wearing your kickin’ item (be creative!)

4) Email it to obtuse.view@yahoo.com and I will post it on the site

5) Contact an entertainment lawyer/agent to handle your upcoming appearances

It’s that easy…do it.

Fame Awaits.

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I was.

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  1. you should make some “obtuse view” dueling gloves. like, say you’re at wall-mart and you over hear someone being ignorant about one thing or another, you can just whip out your OV dueling glove, smack him/her across the face. i have it on good authority that this is how political feuds are settled out here in middle America.

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