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This dim photo is evidence of one less Scotch Egg in the world as of last night.
I can feel your jealousy.

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I was.

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  1. Choose a Nerd
    The recent election in Massachusetts has prompted me to address a long-standing but growing gripe: Are people stupid? Why don’t people pick the anal-retentive, substantive-obsessed, knowledgeable person for a job over the person with personality?
    Wakeup Call: Personality does not get the job done; nerds that know their subject, are focused, basically are obsessed with their jobs are the ones who can get us out of this mess.
    I continually see this in every area of employment-the person who gets hired is either the person who will not rock the boat, the person who is related to someone doing the hiring or someone they know, or someone local.
    If you want to change the status quo, hire out of town people, hire nerds, ignore personality and go for knowledgeability.
    Wake up people! You are giving away the store for really stupid reasons.

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