“By the People: The Election of Barak Obama”

I am watching this documentary about the election of Pres. Obama and all I can think of is how “political” he looks.  As much as I like the man- he looks like a politician.  That is unsettling to me.  The screen is showing David Poluffe talking about how little sleep they have going into the Iowa primary while Wolf Blitzer and his expert discuss the ” Viability” of the candidates.  There is a baby toting mom searching the caucus for Obama supporters as Obama’s Iowa victory is announced. At the after party Tommy Vietor shrugs and says, “Who knew?”   I think he should have.  After the volunteer cries to his mom on the phone about how happy he is that his work for all these weeks is not in vain, Obama is shown on a private jet flying away from Iowa to focus on New Hampshire.  It looks like he is saying “Thanks…See ya.”  I love watching Chuck Todd and Chris Matthews discuss the emerging political scene with questions firing back and forth at each other.  Ryan Lizza from the New York Post spouts stats like he is reading a text book.  When Axelrod and Gibbs broke the news to Obama that he did not win the New Hampshire primary he looked at them and said, “This is going to take a while, isn’t it?”  That question led to his realization that American politics is a corn maze that sometimes has no end.  I think Obama knows now that you have to be a politician, you have to take certain steps, you have to pay the pipers and the gate keepers and yes President Obama…It is going to take a while for any change to happen.

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