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Oh Arizona!

I keep seeing headlines like these:

Arizona now has toughest immigration law state

Bill McCollum (R) Defends Change In Stance On AZ Law

and now I see this:

Arizona gov. signs bill targeting ethnic studies in an AP News story.

Well, I can’t just not say anything can I?  You know me better than that.

Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a bill that Tom Horne (Az State School Head) has been pushing for for years.  Horne has said, well… let me quote the AP article:

Horne, a Republican running for attorney general, said the program promotes “ethnic chauvinism” and racial resentment toward whites while segregating students by race.

Tom Horne is sacred that ethnic studies classes will educate minorities and make life harder for whites?  Holy Shit!  Where is his clan robe?  Look, I live in Mississippi, I know a racist when I see or hear one.  Tom Horne…you qualify!  Can this man really advocate for the removal of the classes that teach the TRUE history of 56% of the Tuscon SD students’ ancestry?  By the way, that’s 31,000 students in the Tuscon School Dist alone.  Staggering.

Now I will give you something I found that will blow your mind:

Golden Rule Citizens Nomination Form
As a Golden Rule state, I am pleased to present a program that positively recognizes those who “treat others the way you would like to be treated” and who make a difference in Arizona. By using the form below, you can nominate an Arizona resident as an Arizona Golden Rule Citizen! Please nominate people who practice the Golden Rule and my office will mail you an Arizona Golden Rule Citizen Certificate that you can present to the person whom you nominated.

Click here to read the Golden Rule Senate Concurrent Resolution

Feel free to contact my office for more information.

Arizona Governor

I found this hypocrisy on the Governor’s own website! I can safely assume ole Jan and Tom will not be getting a nomination anytime soon!  If this theory of the golden rule is carried out they way it should be and she is treating people the way she wants to be treated then European History should be shut down.  They both look vaguely European.  Maybe they need to show some papers.  WAIT WAIT WAIT…they are white.  OBVIOUSLY AMERICAN!

That sounds ludicrous dosen’t it.  Well, you gonna play hard ball…then play hard ball.  I can’t believe I live in this country sometimes.  I am ashamed of it on, what seems like, a growing number of fronts.

I never thought Mississippi would be more tolerant than another state esp. a western state.  UNREAL!

Some light reading for Monday

“Religion” is a personal and largely subjective topic for any debate, even for rational people.  The raw emotion that comes out is sometimes painful to experience first hand and very difficult watch when it comes from another person whose deep rooted emotions and beliefs are pressed and questioned-even in a non-judgmental manner.

We all have seen friendships tarnished as the result of some religious line of questioning.  So, as you might  imagine, I refrain from religious debates, discussions, or religious meetings with people I know as a general rule.  I think it is better to leave religion to the faithful and, as long as their religion does not interfere with my family or me, live and let live.

That being said, I completely believe  that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs-EVEN if I completely disagree or can’t possible understand that belief.  I also think that it is your responsibility to validate your OWN opinion regarding your chosen religion by looking at the history, foundations, and tenants of your chosen religion and evaluating those criteria versus your emotional attachment to that religion.

As I typed that last sentence, I realized that if every single person of every religion actually did that, the religions would change almost overnight.  If every person really sat down and looked at what their church, denomination, synagogue, strip mall Christian life center, mega church really stood for, donated money to, campaigned for, socially supported, and politically backed I think many sets of eyes would be opened.

Growing up I was reared in a southern baptist church.  It was small and traditionally styled.  I remember my family in uncomfortable pews, old gospel hymns, mini-saltine crackers, and grape juice in shot glasses for communion on special occasions.  Those things make me smile when I remember them.  However, There was something else there every Sunday morning.  A reminder that if I did not walk the walk and talk the talk like a good Christian should – I was going to Hell.  It was made clear to me that this was not a debatable issue.  In my young sponge like brain I KNEW that the man quasi-yelling at me in a fervent tone truly believed that I was a damned soul- If I didn’t change my 5 year old ways.

I admit that back then I was too young to understand his point or motivation for scaring people or what was really going on but, I did know some very definite, real things in those early days.  Some were:

1) I had the chance to go to Hell or Heaven and God will judge me when I die.

2) If I, a 5 year old, didn’t change my ways, Hell awaited.

3) This man is scaring me.

4) What this man is saying  MUST be true because my grandmother, grandfather, parents, aunts, cousins and 50 other people are nodding their heads in agreement with everything this man says.

From early on, I was being shown, by those that feed me and care for me, that what was going on in this church is “right” and “the way it is” because the loud scary man is telling the truth.  As I have aged, I believe exposure to different things is vital to become truly intelligent and forming your OWN opinions.  Sadly, the opposite is also true and an easier row to hoe.  To avoid things because you don’t know anything about them, demonizing opposite schools of thought, or simply  doing what you are told and following along limits your ability to grow as a person.  I truly believe that.  I once heard an intelligent, college educated man say, “I am a Republican because my dad was a Republican.”  (NO POLITICAL COMMENT HERE)  I think the same thinking goes for religion.  Not researching YOUR own beliefs and weighing them against how you feel about the world around you is denying your ability to reason and preventing self determination and that, in my humble opinion, is a waste of a life.

I am not advocating going out and attempting to disprove every religion in the world.  I am not saying that there is no truth in organized religion.  I am not saying that there aren’t good people doing good work in the name of religions around the world.  I am not claiming that religions are corrupt or misleading people.

I am saying that you, as an intelligent person, need to be open to all information and facts and constantly reevaluate your positions and beliefs on EVERYTHING, even religion.  If you do not open yourself up to new information and different points of view you will become sedate and stagnant in your intellectual development in regard to whatever issue you choose to put your head in the sand about.

If you are a Christian, know why YOU are a Christian.  If you are a Buddhist, know why YOU are a Buddhist.  If you are Jewish, know why YOU are Jewish.  If you are an atheist, know WHY you are an atheist.  YOU are all that matters in the arena of your life.  It is your responsibility to learn from those around you, take information from everywhere, research the writings of people you agree with and disagree with, but in the end decide for yourself what you believe and believe in.

It is truly the most important decision YOU can make for yourself.

These are two of my favorite things…


Monsanto and USDA…Oh, Come on! Not again!

I am not posting the whole article…I need to go puke.

Read it for yourself below.

Scientist finding many negative impacts of Roundup Ready GM crops hidden by USDA

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