Some Info for Mississippi Voters

First some facts:

Rep. Travis Childers, during his term, voted for (YEA) all of the following issues:

Exempting Guns from an Estate for Bankruptcy Purposes
HR 5827
Repealing Portions of the D.C. Firearm Ban
HR 6842
Prohibiting Federally Funded Abortion Services
H Amdt 509
Ending Moratorium on Deepwater Drilling Rigs that Meet Certain Safety Standards
H Amdt 773
Continuing Appropriations (Specifies that the funds appropriated in this act are not subject to a prohibition on use for offshore oil and natural gas preleasing and leasing (Div. A, Sec. 152))
HR 2638

Rep. Travis Childers voted against (NAY) on these issues:

Substitute Health Care and Insurance Law Amendments
H Amdt 510
Limiting Afghanistan Military Funding to Withdrawal and Other Specified Purposes
HR 4899
Requiring Timetable for Withdrawal from Afghanistan
HR 4899
Regulation and Oversight of the United States Financial System
HR 4173
Campaign Finance Disclosure Requirements
HR 5175
Hate Crimes Expansion
HR 1913
Employment Discrimination Law Amendments
S 181
Employment Discrimination Law Amendments
HR 11
Directing the President to Remove Armed Forces from Pakistan
H Con Res 301
Hate Crimes Expansion
HR 1913
Offshore Drilling Regulations and Other Energy Law Amendments
HR 3534
Energy and Environmental Law Amendments (“Cap and Trade”)
HR 2454
Directing the President to Remove Armed Forces from Pakistan
H Con Res 301
Limiting Afghanistan Military Funding to Withdrawal and Other Specified Purposes
HR 4899
Health Care and Insurance Law Amendments
HR 3590
Health Care and Insurance Law Amendments
HR 3962
Substitute Health Care and Insurance Law Amendments
H Amdt 510
Mortgage Restructuring In Bankruptcy
HR 1106
Health Care Reconciliation Act
HR 4872
Health Care Reconciliation Act
HR 4872

Mr. Childrers, a Democrat, voted against every wedge issue held by the majority of Democrats.  His voting record is decidedly “conservative.”  Yet, it was reported that he was not re-elected because

“He did not reflect the views of the people he represented.”

If a conservative voting record does not reflect the people’s views, WHY ELECT A REPUBLICAN? You can clearly see Mr. Childers’ voting record is NOT a liberal one, I REPEAT MY QUESTION- WHY WOULD YOU ELECT A REPUBLICAN WHO DOES NOT REFLECT ANY OF YOUR VIEWS AND WOULD HAVE VOTED THE SAME WAY ON EVERY ONE OF THESE ISSUES? Why would you want a person who will actively emulate the failures of the Bush/Cheney White House.  I can not believe that you want this country to revert to the previous administrations failed policies.  In light of that fact, Why elect Alan Nunlee?

I know why.  It is because he is not a DEMOCRAT.  The demonized term that conservative, white people fear above all others- DEMOCRAT.  With us having a black President who is a Democrat, has conservative racism has now extended to white people who are Democrats?

Yeah, I said racism.  Did you know that there was a time when the south didn’t vote Republican?  It is true.  The southern United States were always a democrat voting block until Republican Barry Goldwater’s opposition to the Civil Rights Act accidentally and permanently exposed the south for the racists they were.  Ever since 1964, the south has voted, by and large, for the “republicans” who originally opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Barry Goldwater wanted to abolish Medicare.  Does that sound familiar to anyone but me?  Apparently, that is a good idea to the throngs of elderly Mississippians who voted for Alan Nunlee.

This archaic mentality, that some Mississippians have, is fueled by fundamentalist religion and racism.  Yeah, I said it.  Religious beliefs shape many southern voter’s ballots but, I’m not the only one who has a problem with religion influencing your vote.  Do you know who else had a problem with religion affecting daily life  BARRY GOLDWATER.  The increasing influence of the Christian right on the Republican Party so conflicted with Goldwater’s views that he became a vocal opponent of the religious right on issues such as abortion, gay rights, and the role of religion in public life.  How many Republicans do you see standing up for gay rights and denouncing the religious right today? NONE

Barry and I are ashamed of my state and it’s voters.

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  1. I for one am grateful that this will give Travis Childers the opportunity to become and run as the Republican he always was.
    As for the voters-the spending issue-when programs begin to be cut-which I seriously doubt will ever happen-but if it were to happen this will be the response “But, hey, I didn’t mean to cut MY PROGRAM-I meant cut somebody elses!!”
    Racism-yes, it has openly reared it’s ugly head; it has always been thus: poor white people have got to have someone to belittle to feel better about themselves-and yes, middle class people, you are POOR whether you admit it or not-you are in exactly the same situation as your Black neighbors whether you want to admit it or not-actually, you are worse off, because every Black person I know is a go-getter and has at least two jobs.
    Your grammar is poor, your children do poorly in school and their graduation rate is low , you got a tax break from Obama last year-but you CONSISTANTLY vote against your best interest.
    And I say the South never got over losing the Civil War-and as ridiculous as that sounds-it is just a fact and the basis for all this-it is that Rebel mentality-which does not keep people from holding that hand out to the Federal Government when they want something-enjoy all these new roads stimulus money is paying for? All you road workers like getting that paycheck?
    Haley Barbour-please run for President-I am dying to know how you will spin”Fattest, Dumbest, Poorest” for Mississippi into a winning message.

  2. Suz, I am glad you can vent here. You socialist you!

  3. I just spew them as I see them.

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